‘There’s a lot of misery around, so when we are given the opportunity to help make others happy, we should seize it like ‘gold dust. Live on’. Sam Shakes.

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I hope the information and products will stimulate you to improve your health and wellbeing (or that you share them) to help others. It’s my intention to share inspiration that will increase your health and wellbeing and benefit the world.

Simply explained, we experience wellbeing by shifting our focus, and adopting few significant changes. I advocate focusing on being healthy – rather than examining dis-ease and sickness. You see, when we focus on being healthy – the dis-ease no longer dominates and disappears – it has to! We can’t have dis-ease and wellbeing at the same time – they just can’t live side-by-side!

‘Loving ourselves and helping each other IS the norm – NOT something extraordinary. Live On.’

It is my wish that we All be Well. 

With Love, Sam Shakes.