Charities & Fundraising

I have been fundraising for over for two years and currently support three hospital charities. These are the Homerton Hospital, Kings College Hospital and the Whittington Hospital. Funds are raised by selling my books and art and the donation of 15% of sales to the charities.
If you would like to help with my fundraising, please state at the time of your order, which charity you would like to support.

Virgin Money Giving | Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust  Charitable Fund

King's College Hospital Charity - King's College Hospital NHS Foundation  Trust

The Whittington Health Charity- Click here to donate

Crohn's & Colitis UK

Good Grief

The Mysterious Art of Painting and the Tree of Life | Judith Shaw - Life on  the Edge

A collection of writings embracing

In 2017, I established ‘Writing about Grief – Writing for Relief: A writers group’ at St. Joseph’s Hospice for bereaved people, patients and staff. Grief stricken, I felt compelled to create this group after the sudden death of my former partner Philip Morgan. Writing my thoughts and memories proved to be a saviour. I wanted to share the benefits of writing to help people grieve; create new relationships and appreciate a new and different life for themselves after losing someone.

The work produced via the group proved to be invaluable, sharing comfort, inspiration and hope. I encouraged the writers to publish their work and the book ‘Good Grief’ was published, May 2018.

This book is a fundraiser for various charities, where a donation of £2.00 for every copy sold is made.

‘This little book is so profound – it brought a lot of solace for me.’
‘It’s true that everyone has to face whatever life throws at them in their own way. The book helps to do that. Good luck with it in the future.
Janet Dixon (New Zealand)
‘Dear Sam and writers: well done! What a truly wonderful concept. It was heartfelt and the stories were very heart-warming indeed. Keep up the “fab” work! Thank you’.
Marcia, St. Joseph’s Hospice