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I am a Health and Wellbeing facilitator with over 22 years’ experience helping people with chronic mental and physical health conditions; diverse learning abilities; and supporting bereaved persons, as well as supporting their families, friends and carers. The crux of my facilitation is to honour all our experiences and emotions – this is ‘self – respect’ and the true vehicle for change. Sam Shakes, BSc (Health Studies with Race & Culture).

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Sam delivered a well-informed and professional session to students with many insights from her experience. Students were impressed by the session and Sam fielded many questions. I am humbly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sam and would highly recommend her as a speaker/session leader.’ Dr Ava Kanyeredzi, Course Leader, BSc Clinical and Community Psychology, University of East London.

Honorary Lecturer and Speaker
I am a university guest lecturer and speaker with experience of talking to diverse audiences. Using my personal and professional experience, topics include: chronic health conditions; mental health; alcoholism; bereavement; and Carers.

Dr Terri Porrett -

The post-course evaluation for Sam’s session is always appraised as the lecture most valued by students. The insight shared from the patients perspective is humorous, but thought provoking, making the student review their perceptions and behaviour.’ Dr. Terri Porrett, Senior Medical Manager, Coloplast.

I help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current teaching aids and strategies. I create bespoke facilitation materials and offer recommendations that will enhance learning and work systems.

Maria Castro | University of East London -

‘Sam was part of the co-production group for the Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at UEL for many years. Her knowledge, skills and honesty were central in making important changes to our training programme.’ Dr Maria Castro Romero, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology & Lead in Co-production, University of East London.

Author Talks
I deliver talks to patients, Carers and medical professionals based on my book Then Life Took Control: A Journal from Sickness to Wellbeing that received a starred review in the Nursing Standards, the UK’s best selling nursing journal. The talks are followed by ‘Question and Answer’ session.

‘The feedback from the group regarding your attendance and reading was overwhelmingly positive. Participants shared that they found Sam’s honesty and openness in the session inspiring. She inspired others to share their own works with the group with some saying they would like more space to hear the works of other members. It really was a special experience for all of us in the group. It was the first time many of us had been part of an author reading. I hope you will be doing more of it in the future as it adds another dimension to your written story and few participants have requested to have you back again.’ Dr. Lisha Shiel, Clinical Psychologist & Lead in Book Club, Tower Hamlets Recovery College, East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Prices are based on needs, preferences and time frame. Please get in touch and together, we will create the essential support required.